Hand crafted hardwood cutting boards custom made by artisan Jack Manchester in North Charleston, SC **Sold out designs are available for custom order with a 2-3 week lead time.

Jack crafts handmade hardwood cutting boards from woods sourced locally in Charleston, SC.

Beautiful Things

Each board is unique, so these are one of a kind cutting boards

The Cutting Board has always been the unsung hero of the kitchen.  Often second to the knife, the cutting board is overlooked even though it's an essential tool for any Chef.  A fine cutting board will protect your counter tops, help keep knives sharp and act as functional art in your home.

100% Handmade

  1. Locally sourced hard woods including Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Pine & Oak
  2. Made with love in Park Circle North Charleston, SC
  3. Keep your boards happy with Jacks Beeswax Conditioning Wax & Mineral Oil


This business unfolded organically one Holiday Season when Jack came home from a friend’s wood shop. He had fashioned a gorgeous cutting board made of scraps and drops from the table saw. It was such an amazing piece that showcased the natural grain of the wood. I just knew he was destined to make more.
— Thea Anderson Manchester